As fast as technological advances have taken us to a new age of promotion and entertainment, there’s much to be learned from a mysterious, intelligent bowling ball chained around the marketing industry’s ankles. Rather than presenting a heavy burden, this bowling ball is green, enthusiastic and growing larger every day, thanks to companies like digital-telepathy, a digital marketing agency.

Based in San Diego, California, digital-telepathy’s (aka “dt”) approach to internet marketing “goes beyond branding and traditional marketing, by connecting with customers through their values and emotions.”

What comes to my mind, when I hear this, is the new commercial from Dove called The Campaign for Real Beauty. It’s about time marketing went beyond stereotypes. Dove’s campaign targets our perception of beauty. digital-telepathy, through its green approach to working with clients, is a refreshing option for businesses who want to be socially responsible and planet friendly in their marketing and business planning.

A discussion with dt’s Marketing Director, BJ Cook, about their “green think tank” sparked my interest in interviewing him and the company’s founder and president, Chuck Longanecker.

Launched in 2000, dt is evolving and adapting to client needs and current marketing trends. This growing company offers an exceptional example of a corporate blog, called digital-telepathy Internet Marketing Strategy & News. Their devotion to education and passion for the environment are notable in their playful Green Love Tour. They get down to business with a clean and simple corporate site, digital-telepathy, Inc.

I’m proud to introduce you to Chuck and BJ, as well as Arnold Yoon, Operations Manager at dt. Grab a comfortable chair and a cup of green tea, while I inquire about this “green” way of doing business.

Kim: What is “green marketing”?

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