More and more people in the USA are getting on board with this issue. Here are some recent updates:

The telecom slayers

For more than a year, telecom (Verizon, ATT) lobbyists, who include former Bill Clinton press secretary Mike McCurry, have outgunned Scott and his ragtag army of bloggers, Internet entrepreneurs and consumer-rights activists on Capitol Hill. But on this fall day in his bare-bones office in Washington, Scott is grinning in victory. He knows he has succeeded in tripping up the lobbying goliaths with a simple weapon that couldn’t be more appropriate in the battle over the Internet: a low-budget video posted on

Phone and cable companies have spent more than $100 million on lobbyists, Astroturf groups, political campaigns and PR firms.

Here is the list of Senators and their stand on the issue. A surprising number of them are “waffling” (4) or haven’t made public how they’ll vote (53).

$100 million spent by phone and cable companies to charge us extra fees to get faster access to the Internet.

Does this represent how you feel? Would you rather that money be spent on fighting poverty, cleaning the air or research that saves lives?

Mainstream TV is presenting Bill Moyers and The Net at Risk.

The future of the Internet is up for grabs. Last year, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) effectively eliminated net neutrality rules, which ensured that every content creator on the Internet-from big-time media concerns to backroom bloggers-had equal opportunity to make their voice heard. Now, large and powerful corporations are lobbying Washington to turn the World Wide Web into what critics call a “toll road,” threatening the equitability that has come to define global democracy’s newest forum. Yet the public knows little about what’s happening behind closed doors on Capitol Hill.

Please speak up and take a stand on what’s really important. Even if you don’t want Internet freedom, does it mean you want all that money spent on this particular change or are there other things worth supporting and spending your money on?

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