Adaptive Path released a small part of the results of a survey “into how organizations value and practice user experience” by writing What term do you use for ‘user experience’?.

They asked:

One of the simpler questions was, “If you use other terms [than ‘user experience’] that are similar in meaning or intent, which terms do you use?”

They got back 157 terms. That’s 157 ways to describe the experience of making something usable or to communicate usability.

We had fun at Cre8asiteforums when John Rhodes asked, What is usability in one word?

If we blasted “usability” into oblivion so that it could never be used again, what word or short phrase would replace it?

Another time, someone asked for a concise definition of Website Usability?

As time goes on, responses are starting to sound etheric:

“The intuitive, almost child-like ease to accomplish anything on your site achieved through utter, transparent clarity of options and actions”

and logically practical:

Usability can be defined as “the decrease of cognitive friction users experience in task completion relative to 1) the previous version or model 2) competitor offerings 3)user goals”

Of the 157 words listed by Adaptive Path’s list that describes the experience of making something user centered, only one person chose this word.


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