Some recent tidbits of information, help and questions have come my way that I want to pass along:

1. Why don’t screen readers support self labeling?

I love self labeling because it makes the design more compact and protects the text from search engines.

Why would you want to protect text from search engines?

Joe Dolson takes on this discussion with some stunning feedback, such as,

One of the problems with self-labeling is that, should a user start to fill in a text box, but stops (for whatever reason), they’ll have lost the label to that form field. In simple web sites, with only one input box for a search form, for example, this may be a minor issue. However, in the case of larger forms, imagine that a user becomes confused in the form and enters the wrong information in a field – through a misunderstanding or whatever.

2. This new web testing tool may save some time: New combined CSS and (X)HTML validator, Alpha test version .

3. For those who remain unconvinced that the needs of everybody are best served if you intend on providing services or information to them, Court rules Target must make website accessible to the blind.

Matt Bailey goes in-depth on this topic in Court Denies Plea for Dismissal

4. Do colors mean something? One color per (web site) feature. Colors have meanings. Which color means which feature?

5. If you are experienced with card sorting, we would love to hear from you in Card sorting method: Could anybody explain properly?

For Search Engine Marketing

The final word on Yahoo directory?

I actually didn’t know that getting listed in the Yahoo Directory is a good Sandbox Beater. I guess that is one way to get out of the sandbox.

Ecommerce Web Site Usability Help Is Affordable

The Budget Basic Web Site Usability Review is a give-away that I rarely promote because it is sorely under-priced. However, with the holiday selling season upon us, small and medium businesses are ramping up.

An overview evaluation of your small or medium business ecommerce website can make all the difference if your site suffers from sluggish sales. All reviews are performed to compliment organic SEO efforts. You will get your money’s worth. One recent site owner wrote,

This is great. I can’t imagine what the advanced package would be.

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