Blogging is like sex.

Sometimes things are going just perfectly and it’s all you can think of and want to do. Other times, it’s this gigantic weight hanging over your head and you feel guilty if you can’t find time to do it.

The art of blogging fascinates me. Techniques change. Some bloggers mature and show some real talent. Sometimes there’s an emotional connection between the blogger and readers. Some blogs are loners.

When I check my feeds and see the same topics repeated in the post headlines, I start skimming faster, looking for something exciting. Different. Something that’s worth my attention and time. Every week, it’s harder to find something juicy. Worse yet, I wonder if I will have something worthwhile to add, or will just fake it, to get it over with.

Is Your Blog Feeling Frisky?

One of the things I’ve learned from Cre8asiteforums about web design, as it pertains to usability, is that guidelines and heuristics are not agreed on by all web site visitors. We may design for usability as we believe it be usable, but believe it or not, many web site visitors are flexible, patient and willing to cut you a break.

For example, in some circles, allowing a link “Home” on your homepage is considered user-centered design blasphemy. But, when we asked forum folks what they thought, it was like the Woodstock concert. The majority were at peace with that “home” link and felt that whatever floated your boat was cool.

It’s the same thing with blogs. There’s so many guidelines, gurus, books, and blogs explaining how to do it, but no, “The Joy of Blogging”, with naughty pictures. Where is the experimentation? Where is the “Do what feels good to you and that’s okay” guideline? There’s such incredible pressure to perform, I’m amazed that anyone blogs very long, especially if they’re doing it for money. Sooner or later, you’re going to feel like you’re being pimped to death.

Blog Date Night or Spontaneous Back Seat Nookie?

Am I crazy because I want to blog when I’m in the mood? Or must I get out here and do my job, because I’m a blogger and this is what bloggers do? If I don’t keep that feed cranked up, am I no longer hot?

There’s a really good conversation going on called Do’s and Do NOTs of Blogging, Your 2 Cents. I like it because the comments are rational and no one is dictating rules. They do have preferences, however.

Ruud wrote,

“Be my good friend. Be there for me. Make sure I know what I can expect from you.”

He’s talking about communication. I think this expectation by readers to get a constant fix from their favorite blogs is hurting us because we’re forced to post to keep RSS feeds and social tagging fanatics busy. This pressure to perform has created topic redundancy. It’s created unoriginal blog posts. It created splogs.

On the plus side, good communication by a blog owner has let us find the blogs that best match our needs. We’ll stick with them, as long as they do what Ruud describes. Be dependable, but remember to define what that means for your particular blog, to your readers.

I think every blogger has to make their own way, and develop routines that fit their work and private lifestyles. Sometimes I think I’ll be forced to set up a “date night” with my blog, but despite that kind of advice being the norm for married couples with kids, I’ve always hated scheduling THAT (you know what I’m talking about.)

The best I can offer is to be bloggily hormonal.

I never said living with me would be easy.

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