I caught a new interview with Jill Whalen, by Stepforth’s Jim Hedger, that I consider to be the best one yet. She’s been in the forefront of the organic search engine marketing industry for years and interviewed countless times. What I liked about Jim Hedger’s Jill Whalen Interview is that he immediately starts out by offering insight into what Jill’s really like.

She’s approachable.

If you’ve ever been to an industry related conference or trade show, and met someone whose work you admire, blog you read, forums you hang out in, or whose newsletter you subscribe to, you may realize that the person you looked up to is a real human being – just like you are.

I embarressed myself when I first met Jill a few years ago. Once she realized who the haggard, pony-tailed (just got out of the car after 6 hours of driving) stranger, who was going ga-ga next to her, was, she promptly introduced me to my dearest friend, Bill Slawski. She, through knowing me for awhile online, instinctively knew that the person sitting across from herself was someone I REALLY wanted to greet. Bill and I had “met” online around 1998 and worked with each other for years online, but we’d never met. We live about 1.5 hours from each other too! Jill had invited Bill and I to a High Rankings Seminar in Boston, and that was when he and I finally had our meeting in the physical.

I’ve since had the best times with Jill, and her High Rankings Seminar speaking team. My husband says I never laugh as much as when I’m with them.

I’m pleased that Jim presented the relaxed, down to earth, but always on top of things, Jill. She’s a quick thinker, who has tolerated a lot over the years, by being in the public eye. If you attend a High Rankings Seminar, you’ll quickly learn that you can ask her anything, and if you have an empty seat at your table during dinner, she may join you because she’s honestly interested in you.

TopRankBlog’s, Lee Odden, has the best picture I’ve yet to see of Jill, and two of her closest friends, Debra Mastalar and Christine Churchill. Kudos on catching them awake and capturing the way I remember them – as two very warm, friendly women in SEO.

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