In SEO-land, it’s no longer the color of your hat that’s important. It’s whose blog your blog is listed on.

It’s all in the list, not the wrist. (You go girl!)

If you’re a sexy, hunk bad boy with a fan site (I have some really snide things to say about it, but fear I’ll sound jealous instead.) (Hat tip – Peter) or a Gorgeous woman hugging Bill Slawski, you may qualify for 5 minutes of Internet fame, get noticed and get linked to. And all you had to do was fluff your bangs and stare doe-eyed into a camera.

All manner of contests (too many to link to, sorry), and still, fame is fleeting. Nobody culls archives looking for you. Except your ex-lover.

As much as I hated not getting to the San Jose SES, especially since two major usability events occured at that one, I tried hard to be proud of the fact that I was the only person who bothered to stay home to work. What “A” list person works? All they seem to do is travel.

Meanwhile, there are some very interesting blogs that don’t often get listed on “A” list blogs, nor are they mentioned outloud.

You can look for them, and be content that someday, one of them might be willing to link to you. Or, you can simply grow a Beard.

In the SEO/M industry, it’s always been those little things you do that count the most, when you want to make rank.

For the usability side, you just want to be easy to use.

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