While driving down to Ocean City, Maryland, with a carload of kids, hubby and the dog, I was thinking about the women in SEO. Actually, I was counting them. I’m not even an official SEO anymore, but I’m still counting SEO women. That’s just weird.

So I get home, only to learn there’s a hysterical new site, called Men of SEO. My friend, Rand Fishkin, has been awarded Mr. SEO August 2006.

I’ve met him. I’ve sat next to him a few times, and didn’t breathe right for a week afterwards. I’ve eaten pizza with him. He has met my car. (I refuse to explain that one.) If I wasn’t about to marry Eric Berg, the winter of 2004, I’d have flirted with Rand, or at least stolen his famous yellow shoes during an SEO conference. (I woulda given them back, honest!)

For Mr. SEO September 2006, I have a few SEO hunks to nominate:

1. Ammon Johns (Profile)

2. Patrick Gavin (More info) / Link Building Blog

I’ve met Patrick. If I was younger, single, and not shamelessly flirting with Rand, I would be melting over Patrick. Who is, thank gawd, married and a still-new Dad. When I met Patrick, I tried REALLY REALLY hard to pretend I wasn’t about to faint. As it was, I think I just said dumb stuff in his presence.

I haven’t met Ammon yet, though I’ve known him for years. I consider him the Ambassador of SEO/M, who still has a huge heart when it comes to helping newcomers to the SEO industry. He’s also got that smile…those eyes…and…

Future picks?

3. Pure SEO/M badboy, John Scott of V7N fame is the “anti-SEO” and I have him pegged for the month of November, for that sexy, mysterious, want to run off and Be Naughty With a Scorpio Male wild adventure thing. I mean, come on. Will ya just look at that face?. He has seen the inside of a Google building and scooped up Peter DaVanzo, whom I bet gets his own month eventually.

4. For June, Gemini man, Joe Morin is my pick for dance partner. (More info). I “met” him years back on a project and when I finally met him in person, well. Let’s just say, he’s giving Ammon a little competition on the eyes thing.
I’m not sure what the voting criteria are, to be honest. I was just visualizing who I personaly might pick for wanting to see topless in a calendar, or better yet, chase around the bar at an SES conference. If I sit here long enough, I can come up with more. There are thousands of men in SEO. Certainly, enough for us women to gawk at while churning keyword tools and flaking out algorithms.

Somebody has to do the work.

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