You can usually tell someone’s gender as soon as you see them. Not so, with Blogs. I think mine is masculine looking and kinda resembles a car mechanic. It looks like so many others that are wearing the same uniform, but the name tag is different.

Does the gender of a blog, or more to the point, its author, matter? There’s an interesting thread at Performancing started by Nick Wilson called Women Bloggers – BlogHER or BloggER?, in which he refers to thoughts by written by Kathy Sierra in a recent blog post called I am not a “woman blogger”. It stuck a chord with Nick. I’m not surprised it did. Nick has always been passionate about women and their contributions to the web world. I think he loves women and wants to see more of them (not in his house, of course. Or at least, not all at once.)

I’ve read about and pondered the “blog women” mystery, too. Some people wonder where the female bloggers are (Right here!) or why it takes something like BlogHer to get them noticed. While I’ve spent most of my life working with computers, IT or mucking stalls in horse stables, I somehow managed to get along with the men I worked with. And, I didn’t have to have sex with them or kiss ass to do it. What I did have to do was avoid some of the women I worked with. They always seemed to have issues.

Kathy writes:

“And as for blaming men for our problems, oh if ONLY I had the luxury of believing that when I’ve failed at work, it was because of my breasts.”

On my own, as my own boss, I connected with amazing women who have these things in common:

1. They’re funny.

2. They’re very talented, either in their field of expertise or artistically.

3. They are not judgemental. Not a single one of them.

4. They love to eat.

5. They are ambitious and hard working.

Not all of these women that I work with now are mothers. Nor, do they all own blogs. They are, however, nearly always business owners and self-taught. They don’t seek fame and glory.

It was my choice to work with people who are funny, ambitious and not judgemental. Some of them just happen to not be men.

Could it be, that there are a ton of women bloggers online, but they are just too damned busy to be famous?

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