Just wanted to mention that not EVERYBODY got to travel to the Search Engine Strategies Conference, officially starting August 7 (parties begin earlier.) Some of us had to stay home with the kids, pets and work in the office. Okay. Just one of us.

Danny Sullivan, whom I’ve met once and got to say three words to at one SES, saw fly by in a packed hallway at another one and almost got to stuff my face with during a dinner get together (but he never made it there), deserves all the kudos he gets. USA Today has a write up, called Got a search engine question? Ask Mr. Sullivan

“SES is attended by owners of small and large businesses, their employees and independent operators who call themselves search engine optimizers. SEOs work with companies to make their websites more likely to be found on Google and rival Yahoo.”

SEO’s also work with usability consultants and practioners, to fortify their marketing and optimization efforts. It’s become so much more commonplace to include usability audits and reviews of clients’ sites that SES is now offering Usability & SEO: Two Wins For The Price Of One. If Danny Sullivan is drinking up user centered design kool-aid, it must be good. If you haven’t taken my word for it, please follow his lead.

Archives are Available, Sorta

The years 2002 – 2006, up to the July 2006 archives, are no longer broken links all over the Internet. If you point to any old posts, the old blog remains intact (though on a new server). The blog home link in the old layout will bring readers to this new layout, but all else is the same. To convert, I need to load the entire old blog to Blogger’s free site and then run the WP Importer. The hassle doesn’t seem worth it for years of posts that are largely old news. Some of the older, popular posts (Like Why Are Baseball Pants Inside the Freezer?) may be saved into a Favorites pile eventually.

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