So many web site designers who create sites for clients meet the challenge of presenting the final mockups for judging. When the design team includes a usability consultant, a search engine optimization practioner, copywriter, graphics artist and is managed by project manager dedicated to the craft of web site building, a lot of feelings are at stake.

There’s an excellent thread at Cre8asiteforums begun by a woman who has put in hours for a client, only to have a marketing department make so many changes to her designs, she no longer can feel any pride for her work. It is called Web Design is the Star, Everything else is the supporting cast. It’s a great read.

She writes:

“I presented 10 designs to my client, which the marketing people narrowed down to 4. They took one design and had me modify it, against my will, to an abomination. They made me do 4 ugly variations of this ugly design. They presented it to my client today to make the final decision- their 4 designs, and my 4 designs. I never commented because I thought for sure, my client would not choose the ugly design. Well he did.

So despite what a content rich, search engine friendly, and usable site this is going to be, it’s going to be ugly, and I’m not going to be proud of it. It made me realize how incredibly important the design is.”

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