Considering that my HTML mentors were all men who were completely anal when it came to how to type HTML, I knew this article called, Code Like a Girl would grab my attention. Turns out, most of the men in our discussion, at Cre8asiteforums, “Do You Code Like a Girl?”, code like girls. I just can’t picture them all running like girls, or in the case of one real woman who commented, sort their kitchen herbs and spices alphabetically.

Short or Long?

Once you get the organization part figured out, and you muster up the courage to launch a blog, you must decide whether to go long or short. With your RSS feed, of course.

We’ve noted, for sure, in Blog home page:full posts or excerps, which one do you use, and why? that size doesn’t matter. It’s the first sentence or paragraph that counts.

Young or Old?

They say that sex continues past your 40′s. This comes as good news, since I just turned 48 years old. Apparently I will be expected to be spending a lot of money too. According to Older Consumers Flex Their Muscle (and Money) Online, if you don’t target older Internet visitors, especially those of you who offer services or product sales online, you’re missing out on a huge market of “Boomers” with time and money in and on their hands. We honor this demographic in Update on older consumer spending

Spammer vs. Forum Owner

If you need a laugh, read Is Forum Spamming A Waste of Time?

“I stalk them. We get notified everytime someone joins the forums as a new member, and I got into the habit of waiting for awhile to see what they post. The spammers will shoot off their crap immediately, so it’s simple to lie in the forum bushes and wait for them to shoot themselves in the feet.

And, In the “Nobody Cares Kim” Department

Kids make life so interesting. My son’s baseball team won round one of their Little League play-offs. Round two is tonight, with my son back to pitching again after suffering a broken finger a few weeks back. They wouldn’t let him pitch, to save his arm and finger for his long summer of playing travel baseball, for which he earned a spot on that team. He travels. I travel.

He also graduated from the 6th grade this morning. I always cry at these functions, but today, I managed to be tough and didn’t embarress myself. My teenager is still doing the “I’m 16 and can do what I want” stuff. That includes living in a bedroom that can’t possibly be safe. There’s a path to her computer, so she can IM her friends. My young step-son has learned to burp at the dinner table; a habit he has learned from his older step-siblings, who get corrected everytime they do it, but do it anyway, just to get the youngest one in trouble.

I have a normal life. All is well.

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