I wonder what John Lennon would have thought about the Internet. I’m thinking he and Yoko would have embraced it as another outlet to share their intimate views on the world.

They were risk takers and I think they would have utilized the freedom of the Internet to get across their messages on peace, unity and humane living.

It’s been a fun ride while it’s lasted, this Internet experience. We can go wherever we want, as fast as we want, and make choices for ourselves, by ourselves. In the USA, so far, this is how it’s been.

American politicians are more than willing to take this all away, some apparently to fund their re-election campaigns by accepting funds from lobbyists representing phone and cable companies.

Imagine not being able to write in your blog about what’s on your mind. Imagine not getting access to the sites you now get access to for free, at the speed you are used to. Imagine losing your voice. Your choice. Your ability to communicate and correspond with anyone in the world as openly and freely, and even anonymously, as you do now.

Imagine your IM access has been shut off because you didn’t pay a new fee to use it. Imagine having a great idea and not being able to promote it due to restrictions you have no control over.

Read The Debate over Net Neutrality and follow the links there to learn more or take action.

Freedom has never been handed to us. We’ve always had to fight for it.

“For those following this debate closely, the key House vote is happening Thursday night or Friday morning on the Markey-Boucher-Eshoo-Inslee Amendment, which would add meaningful net neutrality provisions to H.R. 5252, the Communications Opportunity, Promotion, and Enhancement (COPE) Act. We believe anything less that this amendment would be a loss for freedom and innovation on the Internet.”

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