For those who experienced the thrill of the Search Engine Strategies conference in New York city last week, and would like to re-live it again, there’s a great recap at Cre8asiteforums of a first-time attendee’s personal experience, and a first-time speaker’s thoughts as well.

In a post made to the thread called Checking in from SES NYC, Risa writes:

“It seemed like I traveled to another planet every day, then went home to reality. It was like being in an SEO bubble. It was like being at the SEO Academy Awards. All the famous SEO people were there.”

Other quotes from the thread:

“In no way is SEO/M in any death throes. The overall state of the industry is full throttle, with a new generation of young people bringing fresh ideas to the table. Advertising agencies are getting the idea that search engines are a piece of the marketing puzzle too.”

“I thought Danny Sullivan’s evening forum was great. He has a great and humble personality. His voice is very mellow and he’s very charming.”

“I was struck at how few women attended the conference. I’d say it was 80% men. I’m not sure if this is representative of the industry or that it’s just harder for women to get away from their families for 4 days.”

(Yes! I totally agree!)

“The lunch provided isn’t anything exceptional, but the chance to walk up to some total strangers during lunch and introduce yourself is priceless.”

We, at Cre8asiteforums, were extremely proud that so many people got to see our Bill Slawski give his first presentation. He knows search engine patents, inside and out. His talk was the first time I’ve heard so many laptops “tapping” at once, trying to catch his every word. The room was standing room only, with people sitting or standing in every available space to hear the presentation called “Search Algorithm Research and Patents”.

Meeting the Boys from The Blog Peformance Hood

One of my favorite moments was fighting the crowds to get to the Text Link Ads booth in the Expo. I very much wanted to meet Patrick Gavin and Andy Hagans of the Link Building Blog.

These busy guys are friendly, sharp, smart, and were enjoying their chance to meet many of the people who read their articles, blogs and have accounts at Text Link Ads. Along came Nick Wilson, from (Previous owner of Threadwatch) as well, who is mellow, friendly and has his soul wrapped around blogs and Internet-related technology. I’d had the chance to be introduced to Nick earlier in the day while chatting with Aaron Wall of (Check out Aaron’s newly designed site!)and it was fun getting to know him more. He and my husband Eric share an avid interest in “toys”, which is to say they connected on the gadgets level down to models, brands and what’s coming out next.

Funny thing. I knew Aaron was sitting nearby in the lobby bar, but it took me a darn good 20 minutes to get up the nerve to walk over and ask him a question. I’d met him the night before, but was still chicken. I’m glad I worked up the nerve because that was my first introduction to Nick (and also J. Young) and I really enjoyed these guys.

The next generation of Search Engine Marketing (is it the 2nd, 3rd or 4th?) has many energetic, creative, bold thinkers. Which is good. It’s an environment and industry where only those who never sleep will survive for the long haul.

Meeting Mike and Jim, but not Danny, at SES NYC 2006
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