For a moment today, I caught a glimpse into the true power of blogs and why these magical creatures we’ve woven into the Web will always reach a place within us that money-driven blogs can never hope to find.

It went like this.

I was scoping my Bloglines feeds and Search Brains, one of my haunts, displayed a simple title called “Love Your Children”. It had no keyword for search or engines or SEO, and yet I connected to the post title instantly because I am a mother.

The link took me to a blog called Ongoing. I’ve seen it before in my travels. The blog author led off Love Your Child with “Because, like Elena, they might be gone tomorrow.”

Who is Elena?

I don’t know, but I’m a mother. I know what it feels like to lay awake at night, wide eyed, with anxiety about my kids. Like Arielle, who is learning how to drive. Her best friend drove the family car into their house, nearly totaling the car and causing major damage to the house. I’m scared to let my kid out of our driveway.

Who is Elena?

One click from one blog link to another and I came to read the story of a a six year old girl who died with no warning. Her heartbroken father writes about his daughter in Dear Elena. Her mother’s name is also Kim. I don’t know them.

But, I know them.

I read about the loss of their daughter. I couldn’t breathe. I’ve never lost a child, but it’s my worst… I mean, my honest to God most terribly worst fear. I don’t even know how anyone could get me to face another day if I were lose one of my own.

I read about Elena and cried.

There’s a child who died and I grieved because her story was told in a simple blog entry. It was linked to by a blog written by a man who was touched by the story written by a father. How human of this.

How incredibly amazing that we’ve invented another way to reach out and tell each other that we can offer love or support and we never have to admit to anyone who we are or who we touch with our words.

No ads. No pitch. Just writing from the heart to express feelings for the sole emotional release of it.

I bet more people will remember the Elena post more than any corporate business ad generating blog ever could hope to achieve.

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