For a complete change of pace, please indulge me while I write about something inspired by a friend who is well known for wearing yellow shoes, who reminded me of someone I knew long ago, who would not have been afraid to wear them himself.

In a conversion behind the scenes at Cre8asiteforums, where the Moderating staff often arrive after a hard day of whatever or can’t sleep, I found myself telling Rand Fishkin, of a story about a Letter to the Editor I wrote in my “roaring twenties” as a single woman facing dating hell.

We were talking about non-violent, non-invasive ways of expressing beliefs and I had mentioned that I like to write letters to newspapers when I’m really moved on something. Twice I’ve written passionately about topics in which I turned out to be correct and laws were changed to improve the situation (both were women’s health rights issues.)

The letter below was published in the Harrisburg, PA city newspaper and, looking back, is indicative of my writing style that still exists today.

Rand wished I’d dig it up, maybe to see if I was bluffing, so I threw around some boxes in my attic and finally found it. And so here is proof of my story to you, Rand.

Why Wimps Are Best


I read with amusement the editorial titled “Calling All Wimps” by Joe Murray, (Sunday, June 2). In it he claimed he’d overheard some women saying that “wimps make the best husband.” He wondered why.

Everyone wondered why I felt such a loss when my male friend and I parted over a year ago. “He’s such a wimp,” they said. I always smiled and agreed. After experimenting with macho, I always returned to wimp. Here’s why.

Wimps listen to you when you have something to say, even if you aren’t making any sense. Wimps offer intelligent advice and kind words in a calm manner.

Wimps will surprise you. They don’t always look like the “strong protector”, but they will fight for you and defend you with the same intensity as an out-of-control bulldozer. The same applies to caring for homeless pets and their own children.

Wimps offer to help with household chores. In fact, they’ll insist on it. At times they’ll retire at age 25 and send the wife to work so they can stay home with the house, pets and kids. They like for you to work, believe in equality and are perfectly satisifed to leave the “bread winning” to the female. This attitude jives well with career-oriented women.

Wimps are not violent. Their women are free to blow off steam without fear of being thrown against a wall. Wimps have feelings, show them and will cry with you, for you and on you.

Wimps are tolerant. They are usually quiet with light-weight bodies so they can’t squash you or crush you in loving embrace. They are honest, open-minded, fun, humorous, warm and don’t snore.

Wimps remain your friend forever, even after divorce, break-up, re-location and even death. They leave behind a special part of themselves that always touches your heart.

Women don’t desire wimps because, as the article proposed, women want to change their men. Women want wimps because wimps don’t try to change them.”

Harrisburg “Patriot” city newspaper, PA
1984 or 1985 (I can’t remember and my copy doesn’t contain a date.)

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