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I Think About Stuff

Writing helps me process a world that most days makes no sense. I believe in creating peace and choosing harmony.


Semper Fi

My son's journey as he trains to become a Marine ready to serve his country has me in tears some days, heart pain on others and always absolute pride.

Marine Mom

Horse Spirit

Thirty years after my last ride I reconnected with my childhood riding trainer and a new adventure began.


I’d Like to Teach the World To Be

I’d Like to Teach the World To Be

 If someone were to ask you to make a list of ways you could help change the world for the better, what would you think of? I was inspired by this when a friend asked on Facebook, “If someone gave you lists of 10 small (but definite) things you could do to help change the […]

Growing Human

Flowers in a garden

 In February of every year since 1992 I remember when I planted my first vegetable garden. It was the last year the ground was thawed enough to be rototilled in a Pennsylvanian winter, at least for our townhouse. We purchased our townhouse in a quiet, small town in upper Bucks County past the hustle and […]

Don’t Move the Cheerios

His going away cake

 It took the threat of moving my son’s Cheerios to finally uncover the reasons why I wasn’t coping well with his being at Marines boot camp. My sister was the first to realize I was troubled.  Not that my husband didn’t know, or me, but I couldn’t articulate what was bothering me and he is […]

Fear, Anger and Hatred: A Day in a Life on Facebook

Person holding back a giant rok.

 Every day, about 20 times per day, I tell myself I HAVE to quit Facebook.  My husband did that awhile ago and thinks I’m crazy to still use it. I tell myself I “need” it for the work I do.  Somewhere in that statement is an opportunity for a therapist to fix me. I was […]

Captain’s Log

July 2014. I wanted to retire and throw out all the computers in my life and live off the land. I quit working for a company that did not need me anymore. I stopped writing and miss it.

August 2014. I decided to start a new company and teach myself some things I had been wanting to learn, like Reiki healing and Responsive web design. I stopped writing and miss it.

September 2014. My friend Donna came up with the name of my new business. I made 3 new websites and got some new client work. I stopped writing and miss it.

October 2014. I fell in love with a horse. I stopped writing and miss it.

November 2014. I hate the websites I made and have no time to maintain them. I decided to go back to my first website, which is this one. And start writing again.

December 2014. The holidays came. Who the hell has time to write in a blog? I did it all inside my head and pretended you saw all the posts.

January 2015. Happy New Year. I made one post and am writing one more. We're on a roll. I am writing again and I've missed it.

February 2015 Happy Valentines Day. I swapped out the WordPress template, tossed in some super gigantic photos to slow you down and actually wrote some new posts.

March 2015 I think everybody forgot me. Still playing with the layout. Every other Tuesday I hate the slider. Is anybody here

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